Nineties gaming vs now, what’s better? 


So lately I’ve been scouring the App Store to find old school games from my childhood to sit down and replay, with the hopes of bringing back a flood of nostalgia.

Seeing as there wasn’t an iOS version of Metal Gear Solid or Future Cop LAPD, I settled for Tomb Raider, a steal at A$1.99 (I do recommend a Bluetooth gaming controller for iOS titles).

Since the release of Tomb Raider on the original PS1 platform back in 1996 (jeez I feel old), the world of gaming has evolved and developed exponentially. Consoles are now at the point that we can physically be in the game itself with accessories like PlayStation VR.

Replaying this game did indeed bring back lots of childhood memories, running away from T-Rex’s, Velociraptors and wolves, swan diving from the highest cliff you can find, inevitably breaking Lara’s neck in the process (we shall revisit this later). All this made me take a step back and reassess, what makes a good game? More importantly were the old platforms better?

DLC’s and online features have made playing our favourite titles more social, more detailed with graphics that make characters seem like they’re bursting from the screen.

Games like Destiny and The Division have sucked weeks upon months out of my soul, and I’m sure, yours. But back in the day there weren’t any dlc’s or online play, there was an action replay cheat disc, but that was about it.

All the games were truly about story line, about battling through levels and taking weeks in the process to figure out how to do it. I miss the ability to save to a memory card and pop down a friends to work on it together, rather than speak down a mic with what usually ends up being a bunch of randoms from websites like Find a Guardian.

Back in 1998, I was 9/10 years old. I remember spending all my time sat within 0.00001 inches of my tiny screen trying to save Meryl from Sniper Wolf…


Action-Adventure/Stealth games like Metal Gear Solid influenced the early years of my life more than the lessons I was supposed to be listening to at school.

So back to the argument… Today vs back in the day?

For me, old gen platforms will always hold a deep and personal meaning. PS1 titles, in my opinion, will always stand head and shoulders above the games of now in regards to the overall immersive gaming experience, thanks to their simplicity.

Gaming was simpler and more straight forward then, but (and there is a big but) technology has allowed us to have a much more expansive experience that we could only dream about as kids.

Fast forward to today and a lot of developers are looking to the past for inspiration. Just look at PS4’s upcoming release of Crash Bandicoot, another blockbuster of 90’s gaming. It promises to be one of the biggest releases of 2017, with inevitable sales figures to prove it.

The developers who are re-releasing games for current platforms are bringing back some of that old school magic, some of that nostalgia, this only enhances gaming. Some of these titles became icons and still hold such praise despite the plethora of high engineered gaming titles we live in today.

I pray for the day that Mr Kojima and Konami somehow call a truce and remake MGS1!

Until then, Tomb Raider will suffice… This video sums up my memories of this game!

I’d love to hear from you in the comments with your favourite childhood games and what you loved about them!

One thought on “Nineties gaming vs now, what’s better? 

  1. I agree a lot with what is said here. I do think that it’s not just the exponential development of games and gaming platforms that have brought us so far away from the games of old. The internet and how readily available it is can never leave us with those ‘WTF’ moments anymore as you can simply YouTube or live stream the moments that were meant to awe you. Parts of the games that needed conversations in the playground to work past and getting home to try it out have all but dried up as you can just Google it.

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