Somewhere in Australia | June 2016

Having left London on an overnight flight bound for Sydney 27.5 hours later, I really didn’t know what to expect. I initially thought my genius had guaranteed a painless first long haul flight.  The idea was simple: sleep through to China.


What seemed to be only a few hours of darkness turned to light. The time went from half way through the night (GMT) to late afternoon in Asia. It was safe to say my mind was frazzled!

My connecting flight from Guangzhou to Sydney, again, was another overnight trip.

By the time I officially hit Australian airspace, in pitch black, I had slept approximately 4 hours out of 24. I was exhausted and in dire need of some inspiration to see me through the rest of the flight. Luckily sunrise provided that.

This video shows the first piece of Australian light I’d witnessed with my own eyes. Safe to say the inspiration was duly delivered.


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