Airlie Beach | QLD | July 2016

Leisurely strolls along this beach were a daily ritual!

The sense of freedom I felt, with the sand between my toes, was an incredibly surreal feeling. Waking up each day with the ever present sun and sand? Or still being stuck inside someone’s armpit on the train in London? Hmm tough choice.

Sometimes it takes a drastic move to gain another perspective on your life. Airlie Beach, for me, was living proof that their was much more out there other than the dull, dark views of  the concrete jungle and its daily grind.

Never be afraid to take that leap, it’s a daunting thought but one that you’ll never regret. Trust me, this travelling stuff isn’t half bad!

These posts purely aim to show you all the journey I’ve been on the past year. Everyone has their own unique experience when travelling, that’s the best thing about it. One thing you will notice from each video I post is that my recording skills are that of a true professional! Another successful timelapse below demonstrates this.

Yeah sure….


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