Brisbane Beginnings | QLD | July 2016

After my adventures from Cairns to the Whitsunday Islands, which really only consisted of drinking and sunbathing, I found myself heading to a big city for the first time proper in Australia, the state capital of Queensland, Brisbane.

Apart from 3 days in Sydney on arrival in the country, my experience of the big cities was limited to say the least thanks to some severe jet lag. But this was to be the next step on my journey of self discovery down under.

With a population of 2.2 million, Brisbane is the 3rd most populous city in Australia behind Sydney (5 million) and Melbourne (4.6 million), a noticeable change from the smaller, rural towns I’d previously visited. Brisbane presented the opportunity to set up base for a while and become more integrated in Australian culture. It was time to get busy!

The to do list consisted of:

finding a job

finding long-term accommodation


Spending the first few days  acclimatising to a new a place is always essential, thankfully there was so much to do. One way of spending your day, which I would highly recommend, is either cycling or walking the Botanic Gardens trail.

There are few places to start, for the full experience, I would start at Eagle Street Pier. From here heading down river, there are plenty of views on offer as you make your way through the Botanical Gardens. Then you will be able to cross the Goodwill Bridge which offers fantastic views of the city landscape and South Bank. All in all about 3-5km.  Check the video below to get an idea!

Alternatively you can use the ferry service City Hopper to venture down the river and see these amazing sights. Just be aware that you will need a Go Card to use public transport in Brisbane.

​As I started to find my feet in these fresh new surroundings I felt invigorated and I just wanted to share all these incredible experiences with like-minded people.

Travelling solo and meeting people go hand in hand. My travels had already introduced me to some really interesting characters. There are so many great ways of doing this too, through your hostel, local bars, or even just exploring the area which you’re in (though being the introvert I am this is easier said than done).

Leaving to come on this journey was just my way of putting myself out of that comfort zone. I have the never been great at meeting new people but now, this is something I am truly grateful for.

The rest of my time in Brisbane and Australia as it turned out, would be defined by a chance meeting in the very first days of arriving and something very typical of the modern world we live in, a tinder date.

A 1 hour planned coffee chat turned into a 8 hour conversation on life and travel, but now as I write this, a year-long relationship that will give a life time of opportunity.

Brisbane, I can safely say, is one of the best places I’ve ever been lucky enough to call home.

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