New Home New Friendships | Brisbane | August 2016

As a new month started, August to be precise, it seemed everything was finally starting to take shape, a new place to live in Brisbane’s South side and job prospects starting to make themselves known. It seemed my 6 week backpacking lifestyle was over, the days of sharing a room with 8 people was gone, for now.

Staying in hostels is an experience, there is no other way to describe it. Walking in to a room for the first time to start with always made me shudder, who was going to be behind those doors?! It’s kind of like being on Blind Date, meeting people you’ve never met and pitching your life story in one small excerpt. It’s a great way of meeting new people and hearing about their travelling experiences and the route they’ve taken to be in that room with you. Days out, nights out and long-term friendships always seem to be the by-product of hostel dwelling. On the other hand it can be a nightmare!

Sharing your personal space (if that even exists in hostels) can be uncomfortable to say the least. I have found in my limited experience that there are always a few personalities:

The super friendly extrovert who doesn’t seem to stop talking.

The party animal who seems genuinely normal by day and a lunatic at night, coming in at stupid o’clock and putting on every light imaginable! Who also usually is the main culprit of behind the sheet antics (fellow travellers you will get this reference)!

The extremely shy introvert who goes about their own business and doesn’t breathe a word to anymore apart from an informal hi!

It’s safe to say there are many personalities you come into contact with in hostels which makes being there such an experience but one thing that never goes away is that constant desire for your own space, where everything in sight is yours and you know that no one else is coming in! We all feel it at some point and I was so glad to have found somewhere to stay which offered that.

After posting on flatmates for a place to stay I was contacted by someone advertising and we arranged a viewing.  Knowing the people like I do now, its strange to think that it all started with just a viewing. We hit it off right away and I moved in shortly after. A nice double bedroom, big open living space, back deck and garden, pool table and small workout area, this place had it all. What made this property a home though was the people. Ironically the Australian couple I was living with turned out to have some very British roots and my token accent was a welcome addition to the household. Shortly after we were joined by a new housemate and a fellow backpacker from Canada (who I would have a few big nights with to say the least), the crew was now complete!

Within the first couple of I would find myself getting totally wasted in these new surroundings with truly the best people I have come to meet not just on my travels but anywhere. This was just the very start of my adventure in Brisbane with a new home, new friendships and experiences that would help shape me as a person, finding what I was after down under, happiness.


Over the years I’ve lived in many properties in different cities in the U.K and met some interesting characters to say the least but now, finally, I was happy for the first time with where I was living. It may be a cheesy line but I truly believe in things happening for a reason, and it seemed that everything was just falling into place at the right time.

From Plymouth to Brisbane. It’s amazing where life can lead you if you just simply make a few decisions.

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