Fruit related activities of September | Brisbane | QLD 2016

September, a month or so had passed since first deciding to settle in the wonderful city of Brisbane. A decision that seemed to be working out like a charm. I had already found a rocking house to live in, a special someone and my first job down under, that was new but also familiar. Continuing with Apple in Brisbane, after two years in London, turned out to be just as fulfilling, but with that charming Australian twist that you don’t experience living in the U.K. It certainly was a busy month!

But September also holds another more personal significance, it’s the month that I entered this world, nearly three decades ago, wow.

To celebrate, my better half decided it would be fun to go strawberry picking out in Chambers Flats, roughly an hour or so outside of Brisbane. The weather was perfect, an Australian winter temperature of 23 degrees, an English summer for my naturally pale skin!

I have to say, this was an activity out of the norm for me, but proved be such a fun time. To quote the great Muhammad Ali, “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” this famous line proved to be quite fitting. How you may ask? Strawberry picking requires you to float around the patch delicately, with the ability to be quick and precise to land the big ones, as well as avoid being stung by the neighbouring bees who are sharing the space with you!

It was well worth brawling with them in the patches as the strawberries were delicious and absolutely HUGE! The only way to enjoy these treats were to set them up with some ice cream and a glass of wine, or two…

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