A day trip to Noosa | Sunshine Coast October 2016

If you have been lucky enough, or brave enough, to backpack Australia  the chances are you have found yourself here, the blue waters of the surfing paradise that is Noosa on Australia’s Sunshine Coast.

It’s truly is one of the crowning jewels of Australia’s East Coast, with a wealth of activities to keep you occupied. For 20 bucks you can hire out a paddle board (like the guys in the pic) and cruise along the patrolled areas of the main beach. There are also a wealth of places to hire out a surf board for the day and hit the waves, it’s arguably one of the most iconic surfing destinations in Australia.

If you’re a hiker and you enjoy getting those legs pumping then Noosa National Park offers a 10km hike around the coastline and forest with a selection of hidden beaches (not patrolled, so be careful) leading up to Devil’s Kitchen, which delivers quite the view!

My favourite part about Noosa though, which does require a bit of luck and perseverance, is the opportunity to spot some local wildlife on both land and at sea, on this day I was lucky enough to experience both. As I was walking along the coastline, out the corner of my eye I noticed a spurt of water come out of the seemingly quiet ocean next to us, evidently it wasn’t quiet. Next to us was a small family of Humpback Whales that were casually swimming alongside the coast! My partner, who is Australian, was experiencing Whales in the wild for the very first time, this was my second spotting in a few months! Lucky! Apologies for the amateur footage but I got caught up in the excitement of trying to get this rare moment recorded.


If that wasn’t enough, after continuing the hiking path back towards the start, you can venture through the forest to find yet more wildlife. Now I’m not talking about the snakes in the tall parts, I’m not that brave! But if you look up into the canopy, if you look hard enough, you will find the one Australia’s most loved, furry creatures, the Koala.

It wasn’t a straight forward find as Koalas are notoriously difficult to spot in the wild from personal experience. But after a whole day of searching we were lucky enough to see the little guy at the end of the walking trail.

A great way to end the day at Noosa!


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