Exploring by scooter, the greatest way to get around!

Since living in Taichung I have slowly become accustom to the local culture and way of life here. The food, the people and the humidity too I guess, are all apart of day to day life. But my favourite by far is exploring by scooter.

Back home the idea of owning a scooter or moped brings back those memories of being a teenager and getting that first chance of freedom and independence. Being able to hop on and drive anywhere you please is a satisfying and liberating feeling. That feeling at 28 years old is no different.

Taiwan, in fact most of Asia, depends and thrives on the scooter. You see families of 4 all crammed onto one bike heading down the street. Or someone who has completed their weekly food shop. It is truly fascinating to see what some people are capable of with these machines. For myself, I have had no previous experience of owning or using a scooter and was enjoying this independence on the road for the first time.

I am now living in the township of Daija and working in Qingshui here in Taichung, a 25 minute drive. Between the two are some fascinating places that you can get to by bike, here are some of my favourites below! Enjoy!

1. Gaomei Wetlands

A beautiful marshland located on the coast of Taichung, easy to get to by bike or car. It offers incredible sunsets and a boardwalk out to the river. There are also a selection of small restaurants along the strip and family cooked meals, snacks and drinks for an afternoon or evening stroll.

2. Buddhist temple near Daija

A newly built temple overlooking the Daija District. Incredible architecture offering a glimpse into the important religious practices that people here in Taiwan hold. Again easy to reach by bike or car, offering great panaramic views.

3. Aofongshan Hill Park

In the hills of the Qingshui district lies the Aofongshan park. There is so much on offer here, the lookout spot overlooking the district, outdoor exercise equipment and a natural botanic garden. Also a great drive on bike climbing up the mountain! Definitely a must visit if you are in the area! And also my favourite and most frequent lunch spot!

I have been lucky enough to visit all of these places in the my short time here. All of which has been made possible by my trusty scooter which has valiantly taken me from place to place, giving the greatest sense of freedom along the way.

Until next time!

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