about – the man behind the lens

Hello and welcome to my not so personal digital space!

Growing up in Plymouth on the South West coast of England, I always wanted to get away and see a little bit more of what was out there, being so far south naturally, the only way was up.

I figured the best way was to retrain at college in the hopes of getting into a university somewhere else in the country. Despite my not so successful stint of secondary education, I always found my self drawn to writing. It was always such a release for me, when there was no one to talk to or nowhere to turn, writing a story or quickly jotting something down became my escapism. So naturally I thought if I was going to go back into educational I should pursue writing.

Fast forward to 2017 and all that I set out to do had been accomplished, a college degree, university degree and to top it off, 2 years of living and working in London, 1 year in Australia and now currently living and exploring Taiwan, South East Asia.

Not bad for the young boy from Plymouth who had very little options at the time.

Having graduated in 2014, I probably should’ve put it to use sooner rather than later. Yet life, for me at least, is always full of hindsight drawn from experience. And after working so hard to get myself back on track through education and then my professional life, I felt like something was missing. It took the recent travels of a close friend to inspire me to make the leap, sell everything and travel! I wanted that experience for myself.

Experiences define so many different moments in life, past, present and future. Through education, through jobs, through the people you come across and the places you travel, experiences are what make you who you are. You should always strive to experience more.

My mission is simple – to showcase what is out there!

I want the photos I take and the stories behind them to inspire you to see the world we live in. To hopefully inspire you to one day explore for yourself and have your own experiences.

The content on this site is an attempt to share my experiences and show you some extraordinary parts of the world through my lens, my highs and lows of being on the road.

This quote has always held deep meaning to me, more so in the last few years of being away.

Do not follow where a path may lead, instead go where there is no path and leave a trail.


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Thank you.