Whitsunday Islands | QLD | July 2016

Whilst spending 3 weeks in Airlie Beach, (getting an excellent tan), I heard about going out to explore the Whitsunday Islands, I mean what kind of backpacker comes to Airlie Beach and doesn't see them right? I came to Australia completely last minute with zero research about where to go and what to do. So when … Continue reading Whitsunday Islands | QLD | July 2016

Airlie Beach | QLD | July 2016

Leisurely strolls along this beach were a daily ritual! The sense of freedom I felt, with the sand between my toes, was an incredibly surreal feeling. Waking up each day with the ever present sun and sand? Or still being stuck inside someone's armpit on the train in London? Hmm tough choice. Sometimes it takes a drastic move … Continue reading Airlie Beach | QLD | July 2016

A Quick Stop in Guangzhou | China | June 2016

  June 2016: The biggest decision of my life, Australia! This image was captured flying over China en route to Guangzhou. 14 hours of flying definitely took its toll, seeing as the longest flight I'd travelled on before was a mere 4 hours, a doddle in comparison to what felt like a flight across the entire galaxy! … Continue reading A Quick Stop in Guangzhou | China | June 2016